"Deadly dexterous warriors who's also capable of relieving enemies of their treasured goods and laying traps to snare the unwary."

Overview[edit | edit source]

This is the most useful generic class in the game, excelling in speed, damage output, utility and versatility all at the same time. They are one of the most fragile classes in the game, even though they can equip the higher end shields, this makes them rely heavily on evasion for survival, making melee dangerous at the start. Their ability to Steal from enemies opens up a whole new resource of rare items and classmarks.

Their Sneak Attack and Sparagmos abilities are powerful, but most of all they are one of the fastest units in the game, because their cost of movement is so low: Only 3RT/square, compared to the 4 or 5 of most classes. Speedstar makes them even faster, allowing them to get many turns in. Since Sneak attack only works with melee, Fists and Daggers are their best weapon options

They have access to 4 Familiar skills, but only Fairies and Imps share both classes - Agonal Scream and Lingering Kiss are two skills worth the effort, however.

Can be Used by: Humans, Faeries and Imps

How to Unlock: Classmarks dropped/stolen from Rogue units, can be bought from Deneb's Shop (Chapter 4 and CODA only)

Notable Characters:

  • None


  • Shields: Small type, including the 6 elemental shields
  • Body Armour: Light type
  • Other Armour: Average access

Basic Ability:

Move Move Type Jump (up/down) Base RT Melee Attack (empty) Ranged (empty)
4 Agile 2/3 23 Punch Cast Stones

Core Stats:

Attribute Base Rating Level-Up Growth Level 50 Rating
HP 287
MP 0
STR +121
VIT +115
DEX +122
AGI +121
AVD +121
INT +119
MND +117
RES +111
ATK 10

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Lvl SP Cost TP Cost Notes/Use
Steal 1 50 50 Attempts to take an item from an enemy unit.
Fey Pact 5 220 40 Attempts to recruit a Fairy Unit.
Sneak Attack 8 240 40 Makes any melee attack from behind ignore defence.
Speedstar 9 260 30 Grants 'Quickened' Status to Rogue Unit.
Sparagmos 10 290 50 ALL A powerful Slashing 'Air' attack that hits all nearby units in an area of 3 tiles radius.
Booby trap 16 400 25 Lay a trap on a field tile - uses a card to determine effects
Disarm 20 440 35 Remove a trap from a tile. May receive card used for trap
Selfless Kiss 1 Transfer 50 Attempts to inflict 'Stun', 'Silence' and 'Petrify' to an enemy unit.
Coquettish Kiss 1 Transfer 50 Attempts to inflict 'Poison' and 'Envenom' to a single target
Agonal Scream 1 Transfer 50 Short-range attack that can inflict 'Fear' on multiple targets.
Lingering Kiss 1 Transfer 50 A medium-range ability that absorbs HP and resets RT of a target to their maximum. Deals Piercing Dark damage.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Lvl Cost Notes/Use
Steadfast 17 370 Cannot be knocked back.
Parry 12 240 Second chance to block melee attacks
Deflect 12 240 Second chance to block ranged attacks
Overpower 20 400 Ignores a target's Parry and Deflect
Counterattack I-III 6/15/24 120/330/500 Counters physical attacks at 25/50/75% Normal damage
Knockback I-III 5/14/23 90/310/480/630 25/50/75% chance to knock attacked target back one space
Strengthen I-IV 6/17/28/39 120/370/560/740 Increases ATK stat by 10/20/30/40%
Fortify I-IV 6/17/28/39 120/370/560/740 Increases DEF stat by 10/20/30/40%
Resistance I-IV 8/20/32/44 200/440/650/830 Increases RES stat by 10/20/30/40%
Truestrike I-IV 2/14/26/38 90/370/580/770 Increases melee accuracy by 10/20/30/40%
Trueflight I-IV 5/17/29/41 120/390/600/790 Increases ranged accuracy by 10/20/30/40%
Dodge I-IV 3/15/27/39 120/390/600/790 Increases melee avoidance by 10/20/30/40%
Sidestep I-IV 5/17/29/41 150/400/610/800 Increases ranged avoidance by 10/20/30/40%
Spell Ward I-IV 8/20/32/44 150/400/610/800 Increases magic avoidance by 10/20/30/40%
Constitution I-III 9/20/33 200/420/610 Increases HP stat by 10/20/30%
Field Alchemy I-IV 2/8/16/24 50/220/370/500 Allows use of more powerful/effective items.
Tactician I-II 15/31 370/630 Increases TP accumulation by 20/40%
Swiftfoot I-II 20/40 460/790 Increases Move by 1/2
Jump I-II 23/43 500/820 Increases Jump by 1/2
Wade I-II 11/21 220/420 Allows movement through water at cost of 2/1 Move while in water.
Treasure Hunt I-II 15/30 390/650 Improves quality of found hidden items
Max TP I-IV 10/20/30/40 290/480/650/800 Increases max TP by 25/50/75/100

Transferable[edit | edit source]

Skill Notes/Use
Trajectory Highlights path of ranged attacks.
Reflect Damage I-II Reflects 10/20% of damage taken by physical attacks back
Reflect Magic I-II Reflects 10/20% of damage taken by magic attacks back


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