"Make no mistake, I have high hopes for you." ~ Ravness Loxaerion

Warren ReportEdit

"Ravness age 23, Clan Walister, is a knight in service of Duke Ronwey, Leader of the Walister, second in command to Sir Leonar. She is a respected commander of the Duke's Knights of Almorica. A calm and reasoned warrior, she has been known to show a stubborn side when faced with a wrong she feels must be righted. She is of mixed blood, the child of a Walister father and a Galgastani mother."

How to RecruitEdit

  • You must choose to participate in the Balmamusa massacre at the end of Chapter 1 and avoid killing her during the subsequent battle.
  • Early in Chapter 2, an item "Ravness Loxaerion Captured" will appear in the Warren Report after the Balmamusa Battle. Go to the Reisan Way and choose to rescue Ravness ("I cannot leave you here").
  • Then after taking Brigantys in Chapter 3, recruit Jeunan and read the "Lord of Coritanae Missing" Warren Report entry before going to Bahanna Highlands. Bring Jeunan into the Bahanna fight and get the enemy leader, Roberval, below 70% HP to trigger a conversation between him, Jeunan and Denam. When Jeunan says "I am sure that by now, his father, Sir Briam, joins him—" you can kill Roberval.
  • After taking Coritanae later in the chapter, return to Bahanna to encounter Ravness again. Keep her alive in this battle, and at the end she'll finally join you.

Unique ClassesEdit

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