"A knight among knights, recognized by the king himself. Highly skilled in defence as well as attack."

Overview[edit | edit source]

This class is a Knight variant, enjoying many of the same benefits while it has access to a much wider range of weapons, and uses much more utility magic. It trades Instill Light for Consecrate Edge. The Paladin tanks damage about as well as the White Knight, but it does get Phalanx unlike the White Knight, and granting itself Light-touched means its a better damage dealer than both the Knight and White Knight. Unfortunately the game is nearly done by the time you get access to the Paladin class, but you will likely be impressed with him if you take the time to play around with the class.

Can be Used by: Lanselot only

How to Unlock: Classmarks can be bought from Deneb's Shop after Episode 3 of Coda.


Basic Ability:

Move Move Type Jump (up/down) Base RT Melee Attack (empty) Ranged (empty)
4 Agile 2/3 33 Punch Cast Stones

Core Stats:

Attribute Base Rating Level-Up Growth Level 50 Rating
HP 296
MP 83
STR +125
VIT +132
DEX +119
AGI +119
AVD +113
INT +116
MND +118
RES +120

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Lvl SP Cost TP Cost Notes/Use
Divine Magic 1 50 - Heal I-IV, Awaken (not II), Innervate, Singing Light, Awaken Stone, Cleanse (not II), Unburden, Hearten
Recruit 1 220 40 Attempts to recruit a Human or Winged Unit.
Consecrate Edge 3 120 30 Grants 'Light Instilled' to caster
Phalanx 4 150 50 Until next turn only take 10% damage but cannot counter
Rampart Shadow 10 290 75 Creates a Shadow obstacle with 'Rampart Aura' Effect
Sanctuary Shadow 14 370 70 Creates a Shadow Obstacle with 'Sanctuary' Effect
Guardian Force 18 440 50 Redirects 50% of damage taken by nearby ally units to Paladin until next turn
Sublime Sacrifice 20 480 100ALL Incapacitates Paladin to revive an ally unit with 100% HP

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Lvl Cost Notes/Use
Steadfast 17 370 Cannot be knocked back.
Parry 9 240 Second chance to block melee attacks
Deflect 12 240 Second chance to block ranged attacks
Overpower 20 400 Ignores a target's Parry and Deflect
Rampart Aura I-IV 1/12/23/34 50/330/530/710 4/8/13/18 square aura that stops any units from advancing past equipped unit.
Counterattack I-IV 4/13/23/31 120/330/500/650 Counters physical attacks at 25/50/75/100% Normal damage
Knockback I-III 4/13/23 90/310/480 25/50/75% chance to knock attacked target back one space
Strengthen I-IV 5/16/27/38 120/370/560/740 Increases ATK stat by 10/20/30/40%
Fortify I-IV 5/16/27/38 120/370/560/740 Increases DEF stat by 10/20/30/40%
Resistance I-II 10/22 200/440 Increases RES stat by 10/20%
Truestrike I-IV 4/16/28/40 90/370/580/770 Increases melee accuracy by 10/20/30/40%
Trueflight I-III 8/22/34 120/390/600 Increases ranged accuracy by 10/20/30%
Spellstrike I-II 8/19 90/350 Increases magic accuracy by 10/20%
Dodge I-IV 5/17/29/41 120/390/600/790 Increases melee avoidance by 10/20/30/40%
Sidestep I-III 8/22/34 150/400/610 Increases ranged avoidance by 10/20/30%
Spell Ward I-II 9/21 150/400 Increases magic avoidance by 10/20%
Constitution I-IV 7/18/29/40 200/420/610/790 Increases HP stat by 10/20/30/40%
Insight I-II 9/21 170/420 Increases MP stat by 10/20%
Expand Mind I-II 13/23 220/420 Increases MP restoration by 10/20%
Channelling I-II 11/23 200/420 Reduces MP costs by 5/10%
Field Alchemy I-IV 3/8/16/24 50/220/370/500 Allows use of more powerful/effective items.
Swiftfoot I 23 460/790 Increases Move by 1
Jump I 23 500/820 Increases Jump by 1
Wade I-II 11/21 220/420 Allows movement through water at cost of 2/1 Move while in water.
Sanctuary I-II 11/36 240/690 Undead units cannot (I) stop next to equipped unit, (II) move past equipped unit.

Transferable[edit | edit source]

Skill Notes/Use
Trajectory Highlights path of ranged attacks.
Tactician I-II Increases TP accumulation by 20/40%
Spellstrike III Increases magic accuracy by 30%
Reflect Magic I-II Reflects 10/20% of damage taken by magic attacks back
Absorb MP I-II Absorb 20/40% of MP spent by enemies on equipped unit
Treasure Hunt I-II Improves quality of found hidden items
Max TP I-IV Increases max TP by 25/50/75/100


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