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Walister Resistance[]

Denam Pavel - The primary protagonist

Catiua Pavel - Denam's elder sister who wishes to stay with Denam no matter what.

Vyce Bozeck - A Walister hailing from Golyat who grew up with Denam.


Juda Ronwey - The leader of the Walister resistance.

Leonar Reci Rimon - The right hand man of Duke Ronwey, and captain of the Knights of Almorica.

Ravness Loxaerion - Next in command to Sir Leonar, and a close supporter of Duke Ronwey.

Donnalto Presence -

Arycelle Dania - A Walister hailing from Krysaro who works with the Resistance.

Xapan Illudas - A mercenary sellsword working for the Walister Resistance.


Pheryx Tristan Xenobia -

Lanselot Hamilton - Captain of the Holy Knights of the Kingdom of Xenobia.

Warren Omon - Former Leader of the Mages Regiment of the Kingdom of New Xenobia.

Mirdyn Walhorn - A Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Xenobia.

Gildas W. Byrne - A Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Xenobia.

Canopus Wolph - Captain of the Beast legion of the Kingdom of Xenobia.

Iuria Wolph -

Deneb Rove -

Robert Rudlum -


Brantyn Morne - the Steward for the lord of the Bakram-Valerian kingdom. He obtained his position through the misuse of Lodisian power.

Prancet Pavel -

Mreuva Phoraena -

Cerya Phoraena - Leader of the Liberation Front.

Cistina Phoraena - A member of the Liberation Front and leader of a scouting group.

Sherri Phoraena - A Magus and high-ranking member of the Bakram army.

Olivya Phoraena - A Sibyl of the Order of Philaha

Folcurt Reeda Lynde - A Knight of the Liberation Front and a member of Cistina's Scouting Group

Bayin Rosen Orne - A Mage working with the Liberation Front and Cistina's Scouting Group


Leundar Balbatos - the steward for the young lord of the kingdom of Galgastan. He's portrayed as the main antagonist throughout chapters one and two.

Xaebos Ronsenbach -

Nybeth Obdilord -

Cressida Obdilord - Daughter and disciple of Nybeth in the Practice of Necromancy.

Dievold Obdilord/Rane - The son of Nybeth who was killed. Nybeth used him in an experiment, and he is now reanimated.

Oelias Obdilord/Melandyl - Dievold's sister. A Sibyl who turned against Nybeth and instead works on healing others.

Jeunan Avertif - One of the Wyrmknights who burned down Vasque fifteen years from when the story began.

Ocionne Rabine - The sole survivor of the Wyrmknights' attack.

Diego Galet Azelstan - Was known as the "Dread Pirate Azelstan" in his past.

Ganpp Vochstein - A bandit who enjoys the company of animals more than people.

Lodisian Empire[]

Hobyrim Vandam Rahms - An exile from Lodis who comes the the Valerian isles to seek revenge.

Dark Knights[]

Lanselot Tartaros - High champion of the Dark Knights Loslorien.

Balxephon V. Rahms - Second-in-command of the dark knights Loslorien.

Volaq Windsalf -

Martym Noumous -

Barbas Dahd Geuse -

Andoras Gaffryn -

Oz Moh Glacius -

Ozma Moh Glacius - Twin sister of Oz. A skilled Loslorian Commander.


Jonathon Torgeaux Lindl - A young soldier trained in the use of the fusils made in his home country. (Balboeden)

Berda the Younger and Obda the Younger - Ganpp's pet Gryphons that fight and join alongside him. (Beasts)