Magic and Skills are the counterpart of physical attacks. Plot-wise, magic has an influence in the workings of the Tactics Ogre world, and can be used either to destroy or to create. Magic and Skills are learnt through Grimoires, Scrolls, Scores and similar items, usually available from shops or as drops from specific enemies.

There are several types of Spells/Skills

  • "Missile" - spells which attack/fire in a straight line.
  • "Indirect" - spells which can hit from anywhere within range.
    • "Healing " - Spells which heal rather than damage.
    • "Exorcism" - an indirect spell type which remove stilled undead units from battle.
    • "Summons" - Special spells which deal multiple hits.
    • "The Apocrypha" - High cost Spells that deal massive damage in a large area.
  • "Utility" - spells which grant/inflict buffs and debuffs
  • "Transferring" - Spells which transfer health, stats, MP, TP from a character to another, includes draining magic.


Elemental MagicEdit

If a class has general access to magic all elements are usually available

Opposing MagicEdit

Classes with access to magic usually have access to one or the other. Offensive Magicians having access to Dark, and supportive/healing classes to Divine.

Class SpecificEdit

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