Laselot t
"Only from without the castle walls may one voice discontent with the king. Wise is the man who steps away from power, that he may call it clearly for what it is."

High champion of the Dark Knights Loslorien, Lanselot was sent to Valeria by secret treaty between Brantyn Morne, leader of Bakram, and the Holy Lodissian Empire in the north. As the Dark Knights serve directly under High Priest Sardian, Sovereign of Lodis, Lanselot is widely thought to be the High Priest's right-hand man.

Warren ReportEdit

"Lanselot Tartaros, Age 40. High champion of the Dark Knights Loslorien. He was sent to Valeria when a secret treaty was forged between the Holy Lodissean Empire and the Bakram leader Brantyn. However, his true task was to occupy Valeria and seek the wondrous powers thought hidden there."


Tartaros' name is derived from 'Tartarus', the abyss of torture in Greek mythology where the titans are imprisoned, also the name of the gatekeeper of the abyss (in a similar style to location and deity 'Hades')