Grimoires are the items that Magic and Skills can be learned from in the game. They could be used from the menu to teach a unit the spell/skill the Grimore contains, or could be used in battle to both cast the spell and learn if the unit hasn't already. 

As usage of Grimoires has no reqirements other then simply having a copy of it in the inventory, it is a common tactic to carry many "Exorcism" and "Banish" Grimoires to quickly get rid of stilled undead.


There are several different types of 'Grimoire' in the game.     

  • Grimoires - Elemental Magic

War Dances and Ninjutsu are not like the other types of magic in that they are not used by Mage classes and use TP and Items instead of MP.


Several Grimoires are used as ingredients for Crafting.