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Warren Report[]

"Diego Galet Azelstan. Age 56. A legendary Galgastani pirate. In his younger days, he was known to all who sailed the coastal waters of Valeria, and his name struck fear into their hearts. Said to have returned unscathed from the deadly Pirate's Graveyard. After his daughter was slain in battle, he put his plundering days behind him. He went on to lead a life of debauchery at Port Omish, until the ravages of war compelled him to take up his blade once more"

How to Recruit[]

Recruiting Azelstan is a long, involved process with several difficult battles. The steps appear throughout Chapter 4

  • Before going to Mount Hedon, read "Port Omish, Den of Thieves" and Port Omish will become available. Go there for a battle, during which you must protect Azelstan from being killed.
  • Later, after saving Archiereus Mreuva at Hagia Banhamuba but before attacking Barnicia Castle, read "The Pirate's Graveyard" to unlock the optional dungeon of the same name.
  • Go into the Pirate's Graveyard to unlock "The Dread Pirate" Talk item in the Warren Report. Visit Port Omish for an event with Diego, then visit Qadriga Fortress.
  • Finally, after the events at Barnicia but before attacking Heim Castle, go to Port Omish to fight another battle to save Azelstan from pirates.
  • At this point, you can go to the Pirate's Graveyard at any point in the remainder of the game or post-game, and fight your way to the 'Crystal Halls' area. Azelstan will join you as a guest in this battle, and if he survives the battle, he will join you permanently.

Unique Classes[]