Warren ReportEdit

"Deneb Rove. Age Unknown. A Xenobian of unknown origin who once served with the Mages Regiment of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. She was a principal architect of the Kingdom's establishment. Her thirst for arcane knowledge is boundless, and she has come to Valeria to gather funds for her studies"

How to RecruitEdit

  • During chapter 4, read the Talk topic "Deneb's Emporium"in the Warren Report. This will unlock her shop, which moves from town to town depending on the day of the month.
  • To recruit her, you must unlock the village of Vasque by beginning the Palace of the Dead sidequest and fighting until you clear the battle there.
  • Optional: To obtain her special Wicce class, you must obtain 30 Glass Pumpkins from the Palace of the Dead and sell them to her before you buy the last (45th) dragon orb from Deneb.
  • Then purchase 5 elemental Orbs of each kind from her shop (elemental orbs are only available by auctioning off Dragons of each elemental type.)
  • Once you've done this, she will talk to you. Answer her "No. Let's hear it," and she will join your party as a guest.
  • Go to the village of Vasque and you will have to fight a Wicce named Punkin. Defeat Punkin while keeping Deneb alive, and Deneb will place Punkin in charge of her shop and join your army.

Unique ClassesEdit

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