"There is blood on my hands, how long till it lies on my heart?"

Denam Pavel is a young man from the Walister clan and the primary protagonist in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Denam joined the Resistance after his father, Prancet Pavel, was taken in a Dark Knight attack on their hometown of Golyat. Denam now fights the oppression of the Bakram and Galgastani alongside his sister, Catiua, and childhood friend Vyce. Denam possesses a strong sense of justice and the will to see his convictions through. Yet these are tempered with caution and doubts about the war that must be waged. Depending on the player's decision, Denam would find that he is not Walister, but a Bakram, that is true name is Denam Morne, the nephew of Brantyn Morne.

At the start of the game, Denam, Catiua and Vyce were preparing an ambush on the Dark Knight Lanselot. As Lanselot, Canopus Wolph, Warren Omon, Mirdyn Walhorn and Gildas W. Byrne appear. Vyce attempts to attack Canopus, in which he parried. After a conversion with the band of Xenobian, which Vyce mistook for the Dark Knights, they retreated to their hideout.

The Xenobian Knights learned about the capture of the leader of the Walister, Duke Ronwey, and assisted Denam in an assault of Almorica Castle, successfully rescuing the Duke. In return, Duke Ronwey made Denam, Catuia and Vyce knights of their own order as a example of all Walisters to follow.
Age 18
Clan Walister (Raised)/ Bakram (Born)

Unique Classes