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Cursed weapons are the weakest weapons in the game, but have the potential to become the most powerful weapons in the game. To obtain them, they can only be found in the Palace of the Dead dungeon. Only one per weapon type can be owned.

To unlock their power, you must permanently sacrifice a member of your party (Generics only) by using the weapon as an item. Additionally, the new weapon will have the name of the sacrificed unit.

Calculation of Stats[edit | edit source]

The weapon's stats will be based on the stats of the sacrificed unit in the following manner:

ATK = (Base STR + Base DEX) * 0.6
DEF = (Base STR + Base VIT) * 0.6
Added STR/VIT/DEX/AGIL/AVD/INT/MND/RES = 1/2 sacrificed unit's base stats
Added HP/MP = 1/4 sacrificed unit's base HP/MP (capped at 50)
RT = 1/2 sacrificed unit's current RT (rounded down)
Damage type modifier (Crushing, Slashing or Piercing) = (Base STR + Base DEX) * 0.1
Elemental affinity modifier = (Base INT + Base MND) * 0.1
Racial bonus modifier = (Base VIT + Base AGI) * 0.1


Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Bow
    Cursed Bow.png
    - Floor 51: Blood Hunter (Male)
    Floor 77: Blood Hunter (Male)
  • Blowgun
    Cursed Blowgun.png
    - Floor 54: Dark Stalker (Female)
    Floor 78: Dark Stalker (Female)
  • Spear
    Cursed Spear.png
    - Floor 56: Blood Gavial
    Floor 95: Cannibal (Male)
  • Instrument
    Cursed Instrument.png
    - Floor 56: Boogie Man
    Floor 94: Boogie Man
  • Sword (2H)
    Cursed Greatsword.png
    - Floor 58: Crimson Uhlan (Male)
    Floor 92: Warrior (Zombie, Male, Neutral)
  • Sword (1H)
    Cursed Sword.png
    - Floor 59: Rune Fencer (Winged)
    Floor 90: Shadow Knight (Male)
  • Axe
    Cursed Axe.png
    - Floor 60: Executioner (Female)
    Floor 91: Executioner (Male)
  • Book
    Cursed Book.png
    - Floor 61: Lore Master (Male)
    Floor 91: Lore Master (Female)
  • Hammer
    Cursed Hammer.png
    - Floor 63: Hoplite (Neutral)
    Floor 81: Blood Gavial
  • Dagger
    Cursed Dagger.png
    - Floor 64: Banshee
    Floor 86: Grim Reaper (Female)
  • Katana (2H)
    Cursed Blade.png
     - Floor 70: Kill Seeker (Female)
    Floor 88: Kill Seeker (Female)
  • Fists
    Cursed Fist.png
    - Floor 70: Warrior (Orc, Neutral)
    Floor 93: Night Crow
  • Cudgel
    Cursed Staff.png
    - Floor 72: Lich King (Male)
    Floor 89: Witch Queen (Female)
  • Katana (1H)
    Cursed Katana.png
     - Floor 73: Dark Stalker (Male)
    Floor 85: Dark Stalker (Male)
  • Fusil
    Cursed Fusil.png
    - Floor 74: Sniper (Male)
    Floor 83: Sniper (Female)
  • Whip
    Cursed Whip.png
    - Floor 74: Iron Fist (Female)
    Floor 79: Iron Fist (Female)
  • Crossbow
    - Floor 75: Blood Hunter (Female)
    Floor 90: Blood Hunter (Female)

(Note - all units that drop Cursed Weapons are notably Chaotic alignment, unless specified)

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Class Damage Type Element Racial Bonus
Warrior Any Earth, Fire Human, Beast, Reptile
Archer Piercing Air, Lightning, Ice Human, Divine
Wizard Crushing, Piercing Any Phantom, Golem
Cleric Crushing, Slashing Light Divine
Rune Fencer Any Any Human, Divine, Faerie, Golem
Knight Slashing Air, Earth, Fire, Divine Human
Terror Knight Crushing, Slashing Air, Earth, Lightning, Dark Umbra
Berserker Crushing Lightning, Water Human, Beast
Swordmaster Slashing Air, Earth Human, Reptile
Dragoon Piercing Earth, Ice Dragon
Ninja Any Air, Lightning Human, Reptile
Rogue Slashing, Piercing Earth, Water Divine, Umbra, Farie, Phantom, Golem
Fusilier Crushing, Piercing Fire, Divine Human, Dragon
Beast Tamer Any Air, Water Beast, Dragon
Warlock Any Earth, Dark Golem
Necromancer Any Dark Phantom
Lich Any Dark Umbra, Phantom
Divine Knight Slashing, Piercing Light Divine
Vartan Crushing Lightning Human
Songstress Crushing Air, Fire, Lightning, Light Beast, Dragon, Umbra, Phantom
Hoplite Crushing Ice Beast, Reptile
Juggernaut Slashing, Piercing Fire Reptile
Patriarch Crushing Water Beast, Reptile, Faerie
Familiar Any Ice, Lightning Faerie

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Certain two-handed Cursed weapons such as the the Cursed Bow can be equipped by classes that can normally only equip one-handed versions.
  • There is a slight mistake in the programming that allows Cursed Weapons to deal huge damage to obstacles and environmental blocks, often instantly breaking them, due to the way Cursed Weapons' damage is calculated differently to standard weapons.

References[edit | edit source]

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