Crafting recipe. "Allows for the crafting and strengthening of cudgels and whips. For the expert crafter"

Nestharot’s Shrine (Qadriga fortress/Lightning)

Dropped by boss

List of itemsEdit

Item Materials
Damasc Mace +1 Damasc Mace x1
Steel Ingot x1
Wootz Steel x2
Staff of Restoration Exarch's Staff +1 x1
Unicorn Horn x1
Grimoire Vitalite III x1
Radiant Orb x1
Staff of Purification Exarch's Staff +1 x1
Enchanted Feather x1
Grimoire Exorcisme x1
Radiant Orb x1
Clearcrack Whip Silver Ingot x1
Baldur Ingot x2
Leather x1