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Crafting is the process of using various materials found or dropped from enemies in the field or by auctioning monster units.. You can craft items in shops to upgrade your current equipment and create new pieces not normally offered for sale. Crafting requires a recipe and the necessary ingredients and items. However, there is a risk that the crafting may fail.

Success/Failure RateEdit

Success Rate increases as the Main Character's (Denam Pavel) stats increase. Different items' rates depend on different stats. Note that there are two classes of Cudgel - Maces (Physical Cudgels), and Staves/Wands (Magical Cudgels)

List of recipesEdit

Melee Weapon RecipesEdit

Ranged Weapon RecipesEdit

Armor and Accessory RecipesEdit

Ingredient RecipesEdit

Unique RecipesEdit

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