Warren ReportEdit

"A Bakram Warrior with the Liberation Front. She was born into the family of an Archiereus of the Order of Philaha, but was driven from Heim after Abuna Brantyn ousted her father from power. When her mother died she joined her sister Cerya in forming the Liberation Front"

How to RecruitEdit

  • In the battle at the Arkhaiopolis of Rhime in Chapter 1, you must keep Cistina alive. If she survives the battle, answer "We seek only peace."
  • In Chapter 2 (Chaos), defeat Farrell in the battle at Krysaro to free Folcurt.
  • Accept Folcurt's mission to Qadriga Fortress to save Bayin. Keep Bayin alive throughout the battle, and afterwards tell him "We will help you" to open a battle at Ndamsa Fortress, where Cistina is being held.
  • Win that battle and Cistina will join you after the battle, as a Guest.
  • Once at Boed Fortress. Tell Cistina "Come with us" and she will join, along with Bayin and Folcurt (if they survived).

Unique ClassesEdit

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