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"The beast tamer is able to train beasts and dragons and unleash their hidden potential."

Overview[edit | edit source]

This class is meant to support Beasts and Dragons. The Beast Tamer is average at attacking, but it certainly is not impressive either, generally only doing so to generate TP for Empowering or persuading, although it does have a wide range of weapon options to choose from. The Empower skills can lead to impressive damage if employed well and can make Beasts/Dragon be a viable option throughout the game.

Can be Used by: Humans, Winged

How to Unlock: Beast Tamer Classmarks are available from any Shop from Chapter 2 onwards.

Notable Characters:


Basic Ability:

Move Move Type Jump (up/down) Base RT Melee Attack (empty) Ranged (empty)
4 Agile 2/3 30 Punch Cast Stones

Core Stats:

Attribute Base Rating Level-Up Growth Level 50 Rating
HP 285
MP 0
STR +127
VIT +114
DEX +116
AGI +122
AVD +115
INT +113
MND +125
RES +115

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Lvl SP Cost TP Cost Notes/Use
Subdue 5 220 40 Attempt to Recruit a Beast Unit
Tame 7 220 40 Attempt to Recruit a Dragon Unit
Empower Beast 8 240 70 Enhances Stats of nearby Beast units to maximum for 1 turn
Empower Dragon 12 330 70 Enhances Stats of nearby Dragons units to maximum for 1 turn
Repel Beast 24 550 75 Evades all attacks by Beasts for 1 turn. Cannot Counter.
Repel Dragon 24 550 75 Evades all attacks by Dragons for 1 turn. Cannot Counter.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Lvl Cost Notes/Use
Trajectory 1 50 Highlights path of ranged attacks.
Steadfast 16 370 Cannot be knocked back.
Parry 12 240 Second chance to block melee attacks
Deflect 12 240 Second chance to block ranged attacks
Overpower 20 400 Ignores a target's Parry and Deflect
Counterattack I-III 4/13/22 120/330/500 Counters physical attacks at 25/50/75% Normal damage
Knockback I-IV 4/13/22/31 90/310/480/630 25/50/75/100% chance to knock attacked target back one space
Strengthen I-IV 6/17/28/39 120/370/560/740 Increases ATK stat by 10/20/30/40%
Fortify I-IV 6/17/28/39 120/370/560/740 Increases DEF stat by 10/20/30/40%
Resistance I-II 10/22 200/440 Increases RES stat by 10/20%
Truestrike I-IV 4/16/28/40 90/370/580/770 Increases melee accuracy by 10/20/30/40%
Trueflight I-III 8/19/31 120/390/600 Increases ranged accuracy by 10/20/30%
Dodge I-IV 6/18/30/42 120/390/600/790 Increases melee avoidance by 10/20/30/40%
Sidestep I-III 9/22/34 150/400/610 Increases ranged avoidance by 10/20/30%
Spell Ward I-II 9/21 150/400 Increases magic avoidance by 10/20%
Constitution I-IV 8/19/30/41 200/420/610/790 Increases HP stat by 10/20/30/40%
Field Alchemy I-IV 3/8/16/24 50/220/370/500 Allows use of more powerful/effective items.
Swiftfoot I 23 460 Increases Move by 1
Jump I 23 500 Increases Jump by 1
Wade I-II 11/21 220/420 Allows movement through water at cost of 2/1 Move while in water.

Transferable[edit | edit source]

Skill Notes/Use
Reflect Magic I-II Reflects 10/20% of damage taken by magic attacks back
Treasure Hunt I-II Improves quality of found hidden items
Max TP I-IV Increases max TP by 25/50/75/100
Tactician I-II Increases TP accumulation by 20/40%


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